Meeting Topics

RRAA General Meeting and Event Topics
                  CALENDAR OF EVENTS FOR 2015
 Nov 10 Year-end celebration. Gadget Night demonstrating items beekeepers use to make life easier. Member Questions. Handling frames or containers of granulated honey.
 Oct 13 Making Manitoba Queens for sustainability. Establish Nominating Committee for 2016 executive. Review of Honey Show promotion. Discuss developing a club demonstration site.
 Sept 8  First meeting at new location, ELMWOOD LEGION HALL, 920 Nairn Ave, EK Discussed Honey Year, Treatment/Feeding for Winter. Meeting started at 7:30p.m.
May 12 General Meeting. How to raise Manitoba Queens by Waldemar Damert. Q&A time
Apr 14 General Meeting. Waldemar talked about selecting bee stock for best results.
Mar 10 General Meeting. Spring Management. Review of MBA Symposium. Integrated Pest Management information.
Feb27-28 Beekeepers 109th Symposium, Canad Inns Polo Park. 1405 St Matthews Ave, Winnipeg, MB Keynote speakers: Dennis vanEngelsdorp. Theme: Beekeeping for Sustainability.
Feb 10 General Meeting. Video: Keeping Bees in Frozen North America. Member Questions and Comments.
Jan 13 Welcome to New Year. 2015 Fees due. RRAA Annual Meeting, Waldemar Damert elected President. Waldemar talked about proper ways to feed carbohydrates.
                 CALENDAR OF EVENTS FOR 2014
Jan 2015  Annual Meeting of RRAA, Elections, etc.
Nov 18 "Gadgets Night" Social Evening. Appreciation for Charles & Jim retiring from exec.
Oct 21 David Ostermann - slides on Wild Pollinators. Waldemar Daemart - use of styrofoam for winter wraps.
Sep 26-28 Honey Days held at The Forks Market. Display of competition products, Industry Information, Artisans Honey and Wax products for sale. Talk to people who produce food for you! Theme-"Keep Manitoba Bees Buzzing"
Sep 9 Phillipine exchange students - about learning Canadian beekeeping experiences. Rheal - overview of fall treatment options. Volunteers for Honey Show put names on list..
May 31 Day of Bee - Celebrated Importance of Pollination for much of our food. Artisinal Honey for Sale at Forks Market, Winnipeg 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.(Official Day of Bee proclaimed for May 29)
May 13 Rheal Lafreniere dealt with Spring Management (Part 2), plus What we have learned about beekeeping in the past ten years.
Apr 8 Melissa Dupuis reviews keeping bees on roof top of U of W. Lance Waldner tips for making Nuclear colonies.
Mar 11 Charles Polcyn talked about experience in Cuba eating honey yet not finding bees.
Fe28-Mr1 Beekeepers 108th Symposium, Canad Inns Polo Park. Keynote speakers: Randy Oliver, Jamie Ellis. Theme: Beekeeping in a Changing World.
Feb 11 Josh Kolesar reviewed changes at BeeOutfitter store.
Jan 14 Annual General Meeting. Elections, Finance Report. Speaker: Waldemar Damert talk about What beekeepers can do in January and February.
                  CALENDAR OF EVENTS COMPLETED IN 2013
Nov 12 Windup for year. Several talked about beekeeping ideas and gadgets. Social time.
Oct 8 David Ostermann-Winter Wrapping. Results of Honey Days. Volunteers for Nominating Committee.
Sep 27-29 Honey Days at Forks Market. Display of competition products, Industry Information, Artisans Honey and Wax products for sale. Talk to people who produce food for you!
Sep 10 Rheal  - Fall Management - Risk Reduction Through Tough Decision Making, Honey Show entry encouraged, new RRAA Logo T-Shirts offered for sale.
June 20 Field Day for Beekeepers at Ash Apiaries Ltd, Gilbert Plains, MB 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Site of the largest operation in Manitoba using 4 lines of Cook and Beal extracting equipment.
May 25 Day of Bee - Celebrated Importance of Pollination for much of our food. Artisinal Honey for Sale at Forks Market, Winnipeg 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.(Official Day of Bee proclaimed for May 29)
May 14 Ron Rudiak -- Beekeepers Risk of acquiring Lyme Disease and how to get treatment underway. Beekeepers talk about how they reduce swarming.
April 26 Celebrated 50 years since RRAA start April 1963. Over 40 people enjoyed social time and hearing about club success through people volunteering. Honourary Life Award to Ron Rudiak.
April 9 David Ostermann spoke on Spring Management as Bees should be out doors already. Q & A from members on what they do for Spring Preparation.
Mar 12 Waldemar Damert, Beausejour, described Jenter Queen Rearing and his Beekeeping Experiences
Mar 1-2 Beekeepers Convention/Symposium, Winnipeg. Small Hive Beetle presentations.
Feb 12 Members talked about new logo, future meeting topics, catching skunks, etc Q and A session.
Jan 8 AGM, Elections, Finance Report. Charles Polcyn presentation on urban bylaw update.
                    EVENTS COMPLETED IN 2012
Nov 13 Fall Wrap up. "Gadgets Night" and a Social Evening.
Oct 9 Wintering Bees successfully-Outdoor requirements/Indoor requirements. Honey Show stories.
Sep 28-30 Honey Show. Forks Market. Bees, Honey, Equipment, Competition, Talk to Artisan Beekeepers.
Sep 11 Prep for Honey Show. David Ostermann--Fall management-Feeding, varroa treatments, etc
June 7 Beekeeper Field Day - Derrco Apiaries, Anola. Queen grafting, nuc prep, etc.
May 26 Day of Honey Bee. Live Bees, Hear bees Buzz, Talk to Beekeepers.
May 8 Queen Rearing in Manitoba by David Dawson.
April 10 Candle and other Bees Wax product workshop by Kerry Hourd. Hive lifter demo.
Mar 13 Spring Management night - David Ostermann, Pollination Apiarist,
Feb 14 Beekeepers Convention/Symposium summary by Rheal Lafreniere.
Jan 26-28 2012 Can Bee Conv./Symp./Tradeshow Theme: Healthy Environment-Healthy Hive-Healthy Bees.
Jan 10 AGM, Elections, Finance Report. Charles Polcyn presentation on Cucuta, Columbia
                   PROGRAM AND EVENTS COMPLETED IN 2011
Jan 11 Report on the American Beekeeping Federation meeting in Galveston.
Feb 8 Video about bees disappearing from their hives in USA. 
Mar 4-5 Beekepers' Symposium / Convention Viscount Gort Hotel, Winnipeg.
Mar 8 Report on MBA Symposium noting importance of raising local Queens.
Mar 18-20 Ag in the City, Forks Market Winnipeg. - importance of Manitoba for Agriculture products 
April 12 Spring Management.
May 10 Organic Honey Production and WeatherFarm, a weather reporting network.
May 29 Day of Honey Bee promotion at Forks Market
June 22 Field Day at Glenlea Research Station. -Varroa Screening Product research project
Sep 13 Philippine beekeeping experiences. Integrated Pest Management training using CHC booklet.
Se30-Oc 2 Honey Show - Forks Market, Winnipeg. New Photo Category.
Oct 13 Beekeeping needs of Urban people. Member feedback
Nov 13 Tower beekeeping. Members discussed "Gadgets" found useful.
                  PROGRAM AND EVENTS COMPLETED IN 2010
January 12 Reviewed 2009.(new bylaws, web site,  Honey Show theme, pamphlet, etc). Rheal Lafreniere, MAFRI-Beekeeping Challenges for 2010.
February 9 Jim Campbell-Can-USA Conf (Talks/Tradeshow/Honey Show and Tour activities from Orlando).
March 5-6 Symp/ Conv - Brandon. Bee Hive award to Jim Campbell, long time member of MBA/RRAA.
March 9 Jim Campbell-Convention Report. "Silence of The Bees"- DVD of CCD investigation in USA.
April 13 David Ostermann, MAFRI, -Current Issues and Spring Management. Ted Scheuneman awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from the Philippines.
May 11 James B Clark, Treesbank, described Queen Rearing . Ken Fehler - honey sausage snacks.
May 29 "Day of the Honey Bee", Display highlighted value of Honey Bees in pollinating plants producing foods.
June 26 Beekeeper Field Day -Interlake Forage Seed, Fisher Branch. Tour storage/extracting facility.
Sept 14 David Ostermann, Pollination Apiarist -"Preparing Bees for Winter", and "Use of Apivar".
Oct 1-3 Beekeepers Honey Show Theme -"Honey-More than Food, Naturally". 
Oct 12 Charles reviewed Honey Show results. Video clip of City TV Big Breakfast interview. Ron, Marg, Ted and Charles showed "Gadgets" useful for beekeeping.
Nov 9 Phil Veldhuis, Starbuck, Family's beekeeping from '30s to challanges for the future. Merry Christmas!
Jan 13 RRAA Annual General Meeting. Elected Executive. Approved Bylaw changes.
Feb 10 David Osterman-Apivar use update. (Weather - ice on roads).
Mar 10 Merv Malyon, Brandon Beekeeper - "Finding Beekeepers in Tiawan".
April 14
Ron Rudiak, Steinbach - "Pollen Collecting". Charles Polcyn-Beekeepers in the Phillipines.
May 12 Rasoul Bahreini, PhD Candidate, U of M talked about Varroa project results to date.
June 20 (Sat)
Pierre Faure-French Bee Farm, Notre Dame de Lourdes. - Honey Drier plus labour saving tools and Queen Mating Nuc boxes.
Sept 8 David Ostermann, MAFRI - fall management.
Oct 13 Charles Polcyn - January 2009 teaching trip to Philippine beekeepers.
Nov 10
"Gadget Night" and year-end Social event with several door prizes.
Nov 12   MBA Annual Gen Meeting, Neepawa, Manitoba.
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